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Botox - Dysport - Xeomin

$12.75- $11.75 - $11.75

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin. Most people require 15 - 50 units depending on the treatment area(s). Botox: $12 per unit Dysport: $11 per unit Xeomin: $11 per unit

Botox: The ‘11s’ - Frown Lines

Starting at $128

The ’11s’ a.ka. frown lines are one of the most commonly treated areas. This treatment will smooth the lines the appear with a scowl or frown between the eyes. 

Botox: Smooth & Lifted Forehead

Starting at $153

Restoring your young looks and making you look rested. The forehead in particular is an area that can be treated with great success using botox to smooth out the lines and wrinkles. 

Botox: Brow Lift

Starting at $102

A Botox brow lift treats frown lines above and between your brows. This allows the forehead muscles to pull up the now-relaxed muscles between the brows, this elevates the brows and opens up the eyes. 

Botox: Crows Feet

Starting at $153

Crows feet become more apparent as we age. Smooth the skin around the eyes with Botox. 

Botox: Lip Lift

Starting at $51

As the name implies, the Botox lip flip involves using Botox to enhance the upper lip. Just a few quick injections can help the upper lip relax and roll slightly upward, which allows more of the upper lip to be visible. It is an excellent alternative to fillers for clients who want a more subtle enhancement than fillers provide, or for those who want to enhance the shape of their upper lip with minimal effort. 

Baby Botox

Starting at $77

Baby Botox is a great option for those who are looking for a preventative measure against wrinkles.  Usually suited for younger clientele, Baby Botox is best for those who do not have permanent wrinkles yet but are looking to prevent wrinkles from forming.  Baby Botox will give a very natural, not frozen, result.  

Botox: Chin Smoothing

Starting at $77

A dimpled look to the chin can occur when the mentalis muscle is contracted. This dimpled, pebbly, or orange peel appearance can be reversed with the application of botox to the chin muscle, causing the area to remain in a relaxed state even when contracted. 

Botox: Jaw/Facial Slimming

Starting at $306

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Botox can be used to slim and contour the face. This is achieved by targeting the masseter muscles at the back of the jaw. These muscles can give the face a square shape. This procedure can also help with jaw clenching/teeth grinding*. *We cannot diagnose or treat medical disorders with cosmetic botox.

Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face.

Lip Filler

Starting at $500

At Highline, we focus on enhancing the shape of the lip, restoring the natural fullness and pout of the lips, enhancing the cupid’s bow and feminine shape of the lips. We also spend time balancing the upper and lower lips’ proportions in relation to each other, the mouth and the whole face. Injecting or over injecting fillers just to make the lips bigger often produces an unattractive, imbalanced and artificial-looking result, which is the exact opposite of what you want. We offer a number of different lip products to provide the best outcome for your goals.

Cheek and Mid-Face Filler

Starting at $600

As you get older, volume loss can create unwanted changes in your face. Lost fat under skin and reduced elasticity can result in drooping in the midface, creating flatter cheeks, emphasized eye bags and deeper nasolabial folds (smile lines). Cheek fillers can restore contours to the cheeks and midface, revitalizing your appearance. We will help you select the best product for you.  

Price ranges from $600-$800 per syringe.
  Most people require 2-3 syringes to achieve optimal results.

Signature Under Eye Filler

Starting at $700

A Highline Aesthetic Speciality. Both of our certified aesthetic registered nurse injectors have taken multiple advanced trainings in this delicate area. Under-eye rejuvenation is frequently a combination of tear-trough filler and midface filler.  This treatment is right for you if you are concerned about the appearance of under-eye bags, under-eye circles or a tired appearance.

Smile Line Filler

Starting at $600

Smile line filler is one of the most sought after advanced cosmetic treatments.  Smile line filler can encompass the entire lower mid-face for rejuvenation and may include: smile lines, laugh lines, parenthesis lines, marionette lines, oral commissures, nasolabial folds, and the lower cheek. The goal of this treatment is to smooth out smile lines, leaving you looking younger and feeling refreshed.

Brow Lifting Filler + Botox

Starting at $850

Unlike traditional facelifts or brow lifts which require plastic surgery, a Botox brow lift is a popular procedure to lift and lengthen the skin above the brow and forehead to open up the eye area and create a more defined brow bone.

Jawline Countouring

Starting at $1600

This treatment is designed to improve the definition and shape of the jawline. With aging, skin, and soft tissue descent due to gravity. This creates "jowling" and an overall ill-defined jawline. Older clients with signs of lower face aging may seek a jawline contouring treatment to restore a more youthful appearance to their lower face. Younger patients may also be candidates for jawline contouring if they are seeking more definition or a certain shape to their jawline.
Price ranges from $600-$800 per syringe.
  Most people require 2-3 syringes to achieve optimal results.

Chin Sculpt

Starting at $600

A number of patients desire improvement in the appearance of a poorly defined, underprojected chin. A strong chin can help add definition and balance to the other facial features.  There is an art to a liquid chin augmentation. The injector must understand not only the anatomy of the chin, but also the three-dimensional contours presented by the soft tissues and underlying skeletal framework. The chin is one of defining features of the face, giving shape to the face, and neck as well. And with aging, the chin tends to lose volume and projection. Fortunately, a natural chin enhancement can help to return the chin to a more youthful state without looking ‘fake’ or unnatural.

Earlobe Augmentation

Starting at $500

After years of wearing heavy earrings, our lobes can have a loss of life to them. Adding a bit of filler to your ear lobe can help to bring a more youthful look back to your lobes.

Liquid Facelift

Starting at $1500

The 8 point liquid facelift is an advanced filler procedure to restore an overall youthful appearance. The certified aesthetic nurses at Highline Aesthetics have taken advanced training in this technique. This procedure is tailored to the individual and results in a lifted midface, rejuvenated under-eye, tighter jawline, and overall younger-looking profile. This procedure requires 3-5 syringes.



$450 per vial

Double the chins, double the self-consciousness. Sometimes they’re an inevitable trait passed down through family. Sometimes they’re the last thing to go after dieting and getting toned. Either way, they can be treated with Kybella®, the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin. Kybella® is a non-surgical procedure that mimics the body’s natural fat-absorption process, so you can skip the liposuction. The injection contains a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring material that helps the body absorb fat. So in no time, your double chin will be a thing of the past. And, so will any issues of self-doubt. Most people require 2-4 vials

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