Mountain Make-Over


I IPL + 1 Clearlift + 1 VI Peel + 1 Express Dermaplane
A lighter, brighter, tighter complexion

Clear Lift AKA Lunch-Time LIft


ClearLift is a major advancement in skin-rejuvenating laser treatments, and it effectively refreshes the skin and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles in fast, comfortable sessions that leave no lingering redness and require no downtime.   ClearLift is a popular treatment for patients who cannot press pause on their daily routine to treat aging skin.


Face: $300; Package of 3: $750

Banish unwanted pigmentation including brown spots, age spots, sun spots, and even out your skin tone.  Our Alma laser uses 'In-Motion Technology' which means this procedure is almost entirely pain-free compared to traditional IPL that can have a 'snap' of pain. 
Full Face: $300
Neck: $250 (add on to full face for $100)
Chest: $300 (add on price $150)
Hands: $275
Arms: $250
Spot Treatment: $75
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Melasma Protocol


Laser is generally not considered safe for melasma clients but our q-switch laser is able to blast away pigmentation without the heat..  This protocol is for 3 lasers treatments followed by an VI Peel.

Tattoo Removal

Starting at $100

Tattoo Removal Small $100
Tattoo Removal Medium  $250
Tattoo Removal Large  $500

Adult Acne 


Adult acne responds well to light-based therapies.  Diminish redness and shrink pores with a laser acne facial

acne Scarring Protocol


Acne pitting and mottling is difficult to treat and is a lingering reminder of past skin issues. Drastically improve skin texture and tone:  2 q-switch laser treatments followed by 2 microneedling sessions. 
Add on PRP: $400



Our certified laser technicians will help you get your rosacea under control. *Could require multiple sessions depending on the severity of rosacea

Spider Veins & telangiectasia

$50 per area

Broken blood vessels, cherry hemangiomas, spider veins, telangiectasias (small vessels around the nose) can all be bothersome. 

Laser Treatments

At Highline we are equipped with 3 different lasers.  We can treat a wide variety of skin concerns, from pigmentation and aging to vascular issues.